Biodiversity censuses

Each month I will be doing a census of different life forms in the forest garden. I have started with wild flowers and have recorded 50 different species for April, which is very pleasing. The idea is to compare the censuses over the years to give an idea of the evolution of all the ecosystems in the forest garden, and the evolution of the whole garden.

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What’s it all about?

The Sombrun Forest Garden Project began in 2018 with the purchase of the property, but the idea goes a lot further back than that. At the moment, I am in the analysis and early development stage.

Site analysis and assessment involves the site itself, which is mostly an open meadow, researching elements such as mapping, the local environment, topography, geology, hydrology, climate and so on. Early development includes the management of existing pioneer species and the planting of new ones, including nitrogen-fixers, creating basic infrastructure such as pathways and swales, and producing useful herbaceous species such as comfrey, horseradish and borage.

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