What’s been happening this month?

An Alpine Chough (Pyrrhocorax graculus). Source: Wikipedia

I mentioned the Chough in my October 1st Blog post, and now I see that he/she has a partner! They like the berries on the pyracantha hedge (Pyracantha spp.) and they come most days. It’s still a mystery why they are here – maybe one of my readers can shed some light?

As mentioned in the October 1st post, I now have a weather station, and all I need to do is install it! The transmitter (top left) is sited in the open about 30m from the house and I will be able to have a clear line of sight through a glazed door to the console (top right) on the kitchen table. It also has wi-fi connectivity through a weather app, and I will be able to produce monthly charts of temperature, rain, wind, sunshine hours, humidity, and so on, invaluable for year-on-year comparisons and ongoing climate change evaluation.

Squash has appeared in several of my posts, but here is a selection of what I ended up with – the biggest one on the left is 50cm long. They are invaluable for soups, are long-lasting and easy to grow, and will definitely be part of my vegetable plans for next year.

This picture of one of the swale ditches in the Upper Garden appeared in the June 30th Blog post. In the last few days we have had a lot of rain after a very dry summer, but the swales have not filled with water. The ground obviously has such a need for water everywhere, that there is no excess reaching these ditches. More on this in the October post …